About The Poem Adept

Praised in SPIN Magazine, featured on NPR, and lauded by independent press nationwide, Peter Rothbart – also known as The Poem Adept – has built a reputation as one of folk music’s rising young stars.  Rolling Stone’s Julie Gerstein calls Rothbart “an incredibly talented musician and songwriter,” and Andrea Sachs of the Washington Post says that “The Poem Adept moves and affects at every level.”

With the release of The Poem Adept’s second album, The Sight of Any Bird in February of 2007, Rothbart offers an exquisite and compelling mosaic of songs ranging from the thoughtful and heartfelt “Fighting With Myself” to the satirical and humorous “Bus or Beer.” Insightful, clever, and captivating, The Sight of Any Bird exhibits Rothbart’s depth as a songwriter and serves as an exceptional follow-up to The Poem Adept’s debut album, Songs for the Long Lonely Drive.

Rothbart’s songs weave redemptive tales of love, loss, and longing.  With the open road as a backdrop, he writes resonantly of seeking – and ultimately finding – one’s way.  Also an editor at the innovative and acclaimed magazine, FOUND, Rothbart draws inspiration from discarded notes and letters sent in by readers worldwide.

With soulful and earnest lyrics, powerful vocals, and a commanding guitar, Rothbart blends the artistry and emotion that exemplify contemporary folk music.  Following the tradition of greats such as Joni Mitchell and Nick Drake, and influenced by current artists such as Patty Griffin and Dar Williams, Rothbart delivers an engaging performance that promises to entertain!